Bai Hao Yu

Upon entering the spiritual gates of First Cavalry Cemetery located in Queens, I was transported to an unknown world. The atmosphere in the new world was still and quiet like it was frozen in time. The objects seemed ordinary on the first look, but they weren’t. It seemed unique and different in indescribable ways. The initial goal was to walk around the border of the cemetery but it was subject to change. As I began walking, I noticed the weight on my shoulder becoming lighter, like something was falling through the hole in my backpack. I turned around and saw the trail that I made, a trail made up of deadlines, expectations, snowflakes, distractions, control, and society. As I continued walking through the cemetery, I noticed the hidden souls walking beside me. It was easier for me to connect to those above the skies and below the earth than those I interact with on a daily basis. One of the most memorable souls was a World War II veteran that served in the Pacific theater. Walking with him made the whole journey enjoyable and worthwhile. But I was forced to leave them behind once I walked through the gates to exit the cemetery and back into reality.



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