Luc Gordon

My quick bike ride over to Red Hook, Brooklyn. The end goal was a nice big tray of barbecue or some Ikea meatballs, but instead I got a job offer at a wood shop. Only in Brooklyn.



Nell and Berjean

Greenwood, Brooklyn seem to be a mix of offices, school, and homes. Neither one of us had ever been to this neighborhood previously so it caused us to become more aware of our surroundings. While we were walking, we noticed gentrification was hard at work just like the hipsters in Industry City.



Terri, Julia, Sarah C

The L train from 14St straight to Morgan Avenue, a few stops into Brooklyn. When we got out of the station, we encountered something we’ve never witnessed before. Graffiti and art were ubiquitous. Colors took over every street. Strangers passing by, ignoring the graffiti and glaring at us three girls taking pictures of everything we considered “pretty” and “artsy.” The neighborhood was quiet and mostly empty throughout the daytime. People were outside, casually smoking their cigarettes while wearing pajamas. Most young men were stereotypical “Brooklyn” hipsters. Delis and auto repair shops could not be missed. Thrift stores and little shops specializing in whatever they want. No Urban Outfitters and Sephora and Whole Foods, and every other popular clothing and foods store, were in sight. We visited a brick oven pizzeria with a chill and hip vibe and each devoured a Margherita pizza that was a little pricier than we had expected. Off to the thrift store we went, where we browsed through the racks and aisles in hopes of finding something we would wear. A little teasing and laughing of, some, unappealing pieces of clothing were a part of the experience.


Camille, Nola, Emma, Jesse

We spent most of our walk on foot making our way through different neighborhoods of Brooklyn each with their own distinct attributes. The transition from each area is self-explanatory from the pictures. We took the Subway and began our walk in Carroll Gardens and ventured until reaching the waterfront in Red Hook.


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